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Yetter leads the agriculture industry in designing effective and innovative equipment for residue management, seedbed preparation, precision fertilizer placement, strip-till, harvest attachments, and more.

6200 Twister Closing Wheel

Yetter 6200 Twister Closing Wheels have a twisted-spike design that breaks up sidewall compaction and is effective in a wide range of soil conditions. Whatever your tillage practice or soil type, Twister Closing Wheels seal the seed trench, ensuring seed-to-soil contact for optimal seed germination and uniform emergence.

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Row Cleaners

Yetter leads the industry in engineering row cleaners that offer profitable solutions to strip-till, no-till, and min-till producers. With Yetter, you can reap the benefits of residue without the challenges that normally accompany it.

More options are available. Contact us for information.

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